Youth Engagement

2018-19 Youth Engagement Report

The Youth Board Committee was dedicated to spreading awareness to the community about the Mental Health Services provided by Keystone.  Foremost, the committee reviewed the Terms of Reference and created a work plan to ensure there were established intentions for the 2018-2019 year.

One of the main goals for this year was to undertake initiatives to raise awareness for Keystone.  The committee did this by distributing “Keystone bracelets” to each high school in Grey and Bruce Counties with the intention that they would be given out in the guidance offices.

Additionally, a poster contest was completed and a winner was chosen!  The chosen poster has been copied and sent to all of the high schools with the purpose of being put on display throughout the schools.  The winning poster is displayed below.

Some of the members of the Youth Board also had the amazing opportunity to attend the CMHO (Children’s Mental Health Ontario) conference in November.  At this conference, we attended large style seminars and small workshop presentations focusing on mental health issues across Ontario.  Since the conference was such a success for youth, it has been discussed that the CMHO conference would be a fantastic learning opportunity for youth board members in the future.

The Youth Board was also in attendance at the New Mentality group presentation, where the new project called “Crisis to Quality – Bridging the Gaps” was discussed. There were many excellent points brought up during these conversations such as compensation for youth time, opinions of youth, and better transitional resources between youth and adulthood.

Another initiative that the Youth Board Committee was involved with was a mock admission to the Keystone Residence in Owen Sound.   In addition to touring the residence, the Youth Board members also reviewed the forms that are filled out by youth, parents, and staff and significant feedback was given regarding this process.  It was a very beneficial experience.

This year, the main difficulty encountered was recruitment concerns.  It is shockingly difficult to find other youth members to fill the position of Youth Board Chair.  The search for more Youth Board members is still underway and we have also considered allowing individuals outside of high school to volunteer as part of the committee, such as college students.

Overall, a lot was accomplished this year and the Youth Board Committee had the opportunity to take part in amazing experiences.

Written by Chloe E.
Youth Board Member, Keystone