A GoFundMe Campaign was set up for Partnership for Kids of Grey Bruce

Hello, my name is Paul Wiley. My wife, Mary, and our 3 children, operate a small family owned school bus company, Martin’s School Transit. We, through our dedicated staff, are responsible for getting many children in Grey and Bruce Counties safely to and from school each day. We know their names. We know where they live. We know their stories and we continue to care about them and keep them in our thoughts.

We cannot imagine how this isolation, due to Covid-19, will impact all children and their families. Many live in apartments or crowded housing areas, and thus do not have a basement full of toys and games, or big back yards to run around in. Playgrounds are now closed. Undoubtedly, this could have a major effect on the mental health and well-being of many children and their families. We worry about our most vulnerable children out there. There is an increased amount of worry and stress during this time, and we are hoping to provide fun and engaging toys for these families, that are most in need, to help the children pass the time until their life can return to some form of normalcy.

Our first call was to Phil Dodd, Executive Director of Keystone Child Youth and Family Services. Phil and his staff are presently providing services to hundreds of vulnerable kids in Grey and Bruce Counties. I suspect this number will increase as time goes on. Phil and his team at Keystone immediately agreed to accept these dedicated donations and help ensure the toys get to where they need to be.

The second call was to The Rocking Horse, a local toy store in Owen Sound. Deb Haswell and Dianne Mattice and their staff have generously offered to help select and purchase appropriate aged toys for the children. While filling the orders, they will also ensure toys are cleaned and safely packaged for delivery.

To get the toys where they need to be, The Scenic City Order of Good Cheer has joined the core partnership and very generously offered to deliver these to the doorsteps of those children identified throughout Grey and Bruce County.

These toys will be durable and engaging toys, something that will not break after the first play.

We would like to help as many children and families as we can. Realizing that this might go on for a few months, deliveries could potentially continue every couple of weeks as long as the funds allow and as new children and families are identified. To this end, Martin School Transit is donating $15,000.00 to begin to meet the needs of those most high need children.

It is our wish as a family, that if there are any toys or money left over at the end of these challenging times, that they will all be donated to the Firefighters Christmas Toy Drive.

With Keystone Child, Youth and Family Services being a partner in this venture, a tax receipt can be issued, as they are a registered charity. We appreciate you considering this effort to bring a smile to a child in our own backyard community of Grey and Bruce. We are stronger together and our children are the future. Their well-being is so crucial in these difficult times we find ourselves.

In our conversations with Keystone, they are telling us that they will be reaching out to all social service organizations in Grey and Bruce to build a list of children who would benefit from a new good quality toy during these times.

Thank you for considering this venture. Please feel free to share with those you know who may be in a position to help.


Paul Wiley and family.

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