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When a 15 year old youth approached her counsellor looking for additional supports to build stronger connections with youth and their well-being, Keystone staff member, Myra Summers, saw an opportunity to work with the youth to co-design a virtual space for those aged 13-17 to come together and support one another in a less formal way.

Understanding that during the COVID-19 pandemic, some youth were becoming bored, neglecting their well-being and struggling to find deeper connections to healthy lifestyles and to others, the youth determined that an intentional virtual space built for youth, by youth, was needed.

From that idea- F.A.C.T. was developed.

F.A.C.T. stands for Food, Art, Creativity and Togetherness- a name chosen by the youth to represent the many areas in which the youth can come together in a space to support their mental, emotional a physical well-being.  An area to share ideas, create art and discuss food and healthy lifestyles, an area to connect with other youth who may be struggling to find connection.

From idea conception to actualization, this group has been youth-driven and youth-designed from the very beginning. Everything from the name of the group, the virtual meeting space, discussion topics and activities are co-developed with the youth in the sessions. The youth, a placement student and a staff member are co-facilitating the meetings together.

The F.A.C.T. group is a 4 week session with weekly meetings beginning on March 22nd, 2021. The group is currently at full capacity, with the hopes to continue building on the strong youth engagement foundation seen within this project.

To learn more about the project, please connect with Myra Summers at MyraSummers@kcyfs.com

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