The Keystone Live-In Treatment Program

Please click the photo to view a 3D tour of the Keystone Live-In Program facility.

Our Keystone All-Gender Live-in Treatment Program has been operating for the past 25+ years and our purpose is to assist youth 12-17 years of age who are dealing with a difficult situation that usually requires observation, stabilization, and time to assist with a current “crisis situation.”  Youth are usually asked to sign in for a stay of 3 to 4 weeks, but we are flexible on length of stay.  We want to work with parents and youth to ensure the best possible outcome.  Our Program provides structure, stability, and support to youth and their families on all admissions.  We have a focus on “Distress Tolerance Skills” and provide a healthy, safe environment with skilled staff members.

Our service is free for youth and families and all referrals to the program come through Keystone Counsellors.  Our service is voluntary and is used for a variety of reasons.

The benefits of our program are:

Provide youth a fresh start

Give parents and youth time to build upon their strengths

Provide support and direction

Help make plans that are helpful and sustainable


We have a classroom that supports the youth’s education needs. We focus on the strengths of the youth and their family during each stay.

Adolescents who are in hospital often are referred to our Live-in Treatment Program as a transition back into their community. All Live-In Program Referrals are assessed through our intake and counselling service. We are proud of our ability to work with our youth before, during and after unforeseen crisis situations.

The Youth Like: The Food, Staff, Activities and ability to be themselves in a welcoming home.

For more detailed information about the program, what to bring, what happens, download our  PROGRAM PACKAGE.

To inquire about the Live-In Treatment Program, call 519-371-4773