Moving on Mental Health is an Ontario Provincial Strategy to help children, youth and families get mental health services in their communities that are accessible, responsive and meet their needs. To support children, youth and families across the province having access to the same core services, the Ministry has identified 33 geographical service areas. Each area will have a designated LEAD. This process is almost complete. Each designated service area will have a LEAD that will plan to support the effective delivery of core child and youth mental health services within the communities they represent.

The responsibilities of LEAD fall into two broad categories:

Core Service responsibilities – ensuring core community-based child and youth mental health services are available in every service area and

Local System responsibilities – ensuring the community-based sector works together with health care providers, schools and other organizations so young people get the support they need.

In partnership with our families, youth and service partners we have developed a number of Priorities to work on moving forward.

Core Service Delivery Plan Priorities:

Priority 1 – Comprehensive Family Engagement
Priority 2 – Meaningful Youth Engagement
Priority 3 – Address the Acute Care Needs of Children and Adolescents within Grey and Bruce
Priority 4 – Help to meet the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Needs of our Indigenous, Metis and Inuit people
Priority 5 – Address the Core Service Gap in Specialized Consultation specifically in psychological assessments

Community Mental Health Plan Priorities

Priority 1 – Community Partner and Pathway Development
Priority 2 – To Further Develop Keystone’s Communication Strategy and Social Media Presence to ensure those in need of our services know who we are and how to get to us.

It is important to note that we will be shortly moving to a 3 year Ministry of Children and Youth Services Multi-Year Planning Process. Stay tuned for updates.

For more information visit the Moving on Mental Health Ministry website

For an update on our Priorities please see our Progress Report below.